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They’ll grab your waist and whisper in your ear but six months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting them that you miss them and they won’t respond.

Maybe try texting them with   …Hail Hydra

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costrader asked: Thank you for sharing your cosplay :) <3 I just posted it

Thank you for posting it! You are the BEST! <3

My side of the story! *PLEASE READ*


People keep saying that I “made up” that story about the Georgian first grader. First of all, no I didn’t. I found it on a news and politics blog that sourced CNN. I copied and pasted the article then inserted the image and sourced CNN. It was a terrible story and shows how men are raised to be…

well thats just super convenient that none of the articles, blogs, or anything youre talking about exist anymore - isnt it? 

You arent a victim. You ran off at the tumblr without fact checking and spread ridiculous misinformation and are now bawwwwing about people calling you out on it. 

CNN doenst simply “delete” a story or article. They leave the original in place and redact or add corrections to the original piece.

Nice try, though.

Hope youve learned something valuable from this experience, but probably not.

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